Group Coaching

Step Into the New Year With a New You!

What percentage of people do you think lose weight at the beginning of the year and then gain it back within 6 months?    

Answer: 98%!

Sounds discouraging doesn’t it?  We try so hard, but without the right system, the right support, and the right accountability it’s incredibly hard to stick to this new way of eating.  We end up caving into our cravings and old habits, then the weight comes back on and we feel like garbage!  Guilt becomes our constant companion!  

It’s time to say “NO MORE!”

We love working with people who are fully committed and ready to follow through in a way they never have before.

As trained, certified health coaches, we will help you turn healthy habits into behaviors that last by

  • Setting up the conditions for inevitable success.
  • Finding out which foods are right for your body.
  • Turning these healthy habits into behaviors that last by providing the right system, support   and accountability to help you transform your health and your body —-for good.


We are excited to be opening up a Group Coaching “Tribe.”  

Your tribe will be your new community of support as you go through our 7-week program together.  

This group will be limited to 5 people!  So yes, space is limited!

The 8-Week Group coaching includes:

  • One weekly 90 minute Zoom video call.
  • The 14-Day Reset Cleanse An amazing elimination diet that helps you determine your body’s sensitivities to certain “high risk” foods. (This is a $350 value)
  • Online support through a private Facebook group.
  • Action Step Guide Workbook and welcome gift sent by mail

Dates: TBD   

Time:  TBD

You can live anywhere in the United States and in some parts of the world for group coaching!!

If the group is already full by the time you try to sign up, and you really want in, we’ll start enrolling for the November Tribe!


Program Price: $790

(Pay in Full):  $697

OR 2 payments of $395 = $790


Early-bird discounted price: $647 (Paid in full and enrolled by Nov 1st, 2018) .  

This is an invitation to get curious about how healthy you can be, to become a stand for your sustainable transformation!


So come and step into the NEW YEAR with a NEW YOU!!