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Gena Januseski, Charleston SC

Gena Januseski – Founder, Recharge Holistics

Gena has been in the Holistic Health field for the past 13 years practicing as a Massage Therapist, Ordained Minister and Life Coach. She has recently expanded her practice into Health Coaching, promoting self-care, lifestyle and habit change practices as preventative medicine. She has also been engage with community work as Co-founder as Love Inc., a non-profit that empowers and supports local grassroots organization, and has worked closely with CharlestonGood, seeing the benefits of local partnerships and community involvement. She started Recharge Holistics, LLC. In 2015 to create a space for like minded people to come together and recharge their Mind, Body, and Spirit. “The only thing we can control in life is ourselves. I want people to feel empowered in their everyday lives and to feel their best, and that starts with us feeling healthy and recharged.


Chris Reams Kemp, Burley, Idaho

Chris Kemp – Holistic Health Coach, Recharge Holistics | Chris K Health Coaching

Chris is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah but has lived in Burley, Idaho since 1995. She has more than 20 years experience under her belt as a Certified Family Herbalist (The School of Natural Healing) and recently added Certified Health Coach (Health Coach Institute) to her repertoire of awesome stuff she does! No matter where a person is in their health journey, Chris provides the guidance and accountability needed to create an amazingly more abundant life!