Chris Kemp

Chris Reams Kemp, Burley, Idaho

Chris Kemp – Holistic Health Coach, Recharge Holistics | Chris K Health Coaching

Chris is a native of Salt Lake City, Utah but has lived in Burley, Idaho since 1995. She has more than 20 years experience under her belt as a Certified Family Herbalist (The School of Natural Healing) and recently added Certified Health Coach (Health Coach Institute) to her repertoire of awesome stuff she does! No matter where a person is in their health journey, Chris provides the guidance and accountability needed to create an amazingly more abundant life!


Health Coaching

Chris helps men and women, of all walks of life, gain control of their health by teaching them how to maintain and sustain weight loss and how to increase their energy that will add high quality years to their lives. Chris is the vibrant mother of four spirited young men (no wives yet) and two loyal dogs, Champ and Chaco. She understands what it takes to juggle a family, career and life in general, and has decided that no one should be without a health coach! As Chris has emphatically exclaimed, “Everyone would be so much healthier, happier and energized if they had a health coach. It’s a life changing investment no one can afford to miss out on.”

Is Your Mind, Body and Spirit Ready For an Alternate Path?

Chris understands the importance of preventing health problems by combining a healthy diet with whole food herbs. As a medicinal herbalist, she offers her handmade herbal tinctures, teas, cell regenerative greens, balms and ointments to all. Chris’s products, CK Herbs, are made in a clean, healthy environment, in small batches, where quality control is top priority. Chris understands the importance of preventing health problems by combining a healthy diet with whole food herbs and can guide you to clean vibrant living nature’s way. If you have any questions or a special health need, she can help you.




“Chris is awesome at what she does! She helped me see how to improve my diet and lifestyle so I can do more and be more, which is exactly what I wanted.” –Sam, Bodybuilder, Salt Lake City, Utah

“No matter how much I didn’t do I never felt like Chris was disappointed in me. She has a strength to be able to start just where you are at and create a positive experience. I always left our meetings feeling motivated and uplifted. She is more than just a health coach, she is a life changer. It has changed my life!” –Kylee, Idaho

“I had the opportunity of participating in her [Chris’s] 90-Day Program coaching sessions. I enjoyed coming each week and learning different things she had to offer through her coaching sessions. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about having a healthy lifestyle and she shares this with her clients. Chris never made me feel guilty about not being able to attain my weekly goals and I loved that! She was very encouraging and willing to help me in anyway she could! I highly recommend Chris for all your Health Coaching needs! She’s GREAT!” ~~Mindy, Idaho