an amazing, nurturing coach!

All of my adult life I have struggled with weight and healthy lifestyle choices. I
tried just about every diet and worked with a nutritionist throughout the years. I
still could not conquer the weight battle. I knew the reason why I continued to
carry the shield of belly fat ran deeper than the sweet cravings I often had. My
desire to know “why” led me to Gena.

Gena’s health coaching style was a wonderful and successful experience. She
created a safe space for our weekly phone calls and lovingly coached me over my
hurdles. She provided a weekly focus and I learned various tools to assist me in
being successful. These tools were life changing and made me more aware about
my relationship with food. Gena’s style and commitment of health coaching is
unique and made me feel cared about. My success was her success! Even the
weeks when I thought nothing went well, she would find the good in what I did.
By the end of our journey together, I lost weight, felt empowered, had more
energy and a handle on my relationship with food. I now know why I carried this
amour of fat around. I wasn’t loving myself, I didn’t feel worthy and I thought why
continue to fight the battle. With Gena’s coaching, I learned to believe that I do
matter, I now love myself and believe I am worthy as I fuel my body with healthy
delicious foods.

Gena is an amazing, nurturing coach with clear purpose and commitment. I highly
recommend her services.


I wish she lived in Asheville

Gena was recommended by a friend in Seabrook and she is now on our list of must things to do while there. Gena is a most likable professional who addressed my senior issues of concern with focused massage therapy which I found both highly therapeutic as well as totally relaxing. Probably the best endorsement I can give her is that I intended to have 1 or 2 massages while we were in Seabrook but ended up engaging her services on a weekly basis. I wish she lived in Asheville rather than Charleston!!!”


that leap of faith

In early 2015, I reached a point in my career where I felt I could no longer continue. I needed to make a change, but I wasn’t sure which direction to follow, and I lacked the courage to take a leap of faith. In my search for help, I met Gena, and she became my life coach. She assessed my moods and needs at the start of each session to determine the best use of our time together. She used a variety of techniques, including thoughtful guiding questions, visualization exercises, and even the occasional massage. Each session was nurturing and uplifting, much like a conversation with a good friend. Gena helped me release old thought patterns and belief systems that had been holding me back. I became more self-assured and less anxious about the decisions and unknowns lying ahead of me, and I found the courage to take that leap of faith.

Lauren Faulkenberry